Published on:
August 9, 2023

Stepping Stones


If you find yourself struggling mentally then you might find this some use, this comes from myself who lives with anxiety and depression, I know I’m not perfect but other the years I’ve found out my superpower is resilience.

Life is not easy and I very much doubt anybody is ending their last paragraph of life without some kind of PTSD.

But as the title suggests you can look at life as stepping stones.

Examples from my life;

My brother had a motorcycle crash at a pretty young age and one of his friends met his end, now this was not my brother’s fault at all but he has seen himself at blame now for all of his adult life, he turned to drink to try and numb the pain, never a good idea.
This led him to me living my teen years sharing a house with a person that was horrid when drunk and very hostile, he remembered nothing about his actions once sober.
There is a lot more to this story but I won’t go into it here.

Over the years I’ve learned two things from this. First thing, ask for some bloody help. If you can’t deal with a problem then get an outsider’s opinion, or even if it’s to get it off your chest. Holding it in does not make you a man. Women same goes for you, I just say men because we seem to be a lot worst at opening up, they either go into their shells or become the joker in the room, late Robin William once said the saddest people work the hardest to make everyone else laugh.

Secondly, I’ve grown up, I’ve moved out and moved on. I have found my support system and you will too, I’ve opened up about the crap I’ve been through, and the people that truly matter listen and give me their input, you don’t need many people, you just need the right people.

Stepping stones, bruises fade, blood congeals and bones bind, we repair and move on, we will go through life and pick up battle wounds but we can’t let life end us too soon. Sometimes life is overwhelming but as the saying goes ” you can’t make diamonds without pressure”

If you’re going through something you can’t handle you have to persevere, you can’t let it beat you, no matter what it is, if your in school and being bullied, you will grow up and get past it, these people won’t be in your life for long, use it as a fire under your arse to be better than they will ever be.

If you are in a bad relationship, you can leave them and start again, it may not be easy but it is possible, wipe toxic people from your life, it’s too short. Anyone that knows me knows I have a psycho ex that has tried multiple times to ruin me and ill tell that car crash of a story one day.

If you find yourself in a financial problem you’ll have to get creative and find a new way to make other people’s money your money, think outside the box you are in. I have no education and own a business with plans on owning two more, it is possible.

If you’ve lost a loved one and think you can’t live without them, you can. Make them proud and live a good fruitful life, be a good person and don’t forget them, you’ll see them again one day and be able to tell them all the stories from your life.

If you are standing at the top of a mountain on a cloudy and rainy day, you can’t see the view. It doesn’t mean it’s not there does it, the storm will pass and you will see the view, just don’t give up on it.

Stepping stones.