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The popularity of Strongman is growing daily and that is especially true at Barbell Training Complex where we are dedicated to becoming Warwickshire’s number one gym for Strongman!

We understand that good quality equipment is essential so is the home to high-quality equipment sourced from companies such as Elite FTS, Rogue, Strength Shop, Celtic Strength, and Primal Strength.

In 2022, BTC ran our first Strongman competition for both men and women and it was a huge success! We have since run a Strongman style Push Pull competition and have another planned for December, competitors are awarded with Limited Edition T-Shirts, Medals, and often Supplement Goodie Bags!

Some of our equipment includes:

Power Racks
Two Monolifts
Specific Deadlift Platforms
Calibrated Eliko and Rogue plates
A large variety of specialist bars
Farmers Handles
Various logs (28.5kg, 50kg, and 60kg
Monster Dumbbells
Axel Bars
The UK's first Kabuki Deadlift bar!

Are you looking for a gym with friendly and knowledgeable Strongmen/ Strongwomen and coaches alike? Come and join us!

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